Seriously, Mr. McCain?

I like Senator John McCain, most of the time.  He’s a rare beast as a Republican politician with integrity.  But I don’t usually agree with his positions on things, and that’s okay when it comes to political positions.  But he’s overreached with his Twitter comments on the Los Angeles Dodgers’ celebration of their division title win by jumping into the Arizona Diamondbacks’ outfield pool.

I actually kind of dislike the Dodgers, but I think their celebration was great.  In baseball it’s understood that you get to celebrate at times like this, and I’m sure the Diamondbacks don’t mind it.  I recall the Red Sox two recent World Series victories happening on the road, and both the Cardinals and the Rockies organizations were very gracious about allowing the Red Sox to linger through extended celebrations on their fields.  I bet if there were pools to jump in there, the Sox would have been jumping.  Because it’s FUN.  The baseball season is long … so what’s wrong with a little fun at the end of it?

Now I think I see the problem.  McCain probably doesn’t get this concept of fun.  Which actually kind of makes me feel sad for him.


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