Royals don’t have a shot

My last blog post is now no longer applicable.  With the Royals losing last night and everybody ahead of them winning, they’re out of it.  Don’t care that there’s still a mathematical chance for them; it’s too slim to heed.  We all can ignore Kansas City, Baltimore, and New York now, and just focus on the Rays, Indians, and Rangers.

I predict Rays and Indians.  (Yeah, a stretch, I know.)

Royals have a shot

The Royals have a relatively easy schedule, the Rays have a relatively difficult schedule, and the Rangers have been iffy the last few weeks (but are playing league-worst Houston at the moment).

A lot would have to go right for the Royals to nab a wild card spot, but it’s not too far-fetched.  If they keep winning, I like their chances.